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Teak decks & Super yacht carpentry

Innovative marine teak decking

  • High precision

    3D scanning

    DUCA Solutions specialized Engineering department performs a complete digital deck designing, following the 3D laser measuring on board. Completed AutoCAD designs and deck layouts are sent for the Customer's approval before we start the production.

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  • Advanced

    CNC Production

    Our company is proud to offer advanced CNC manufacturing of our high quality deck covers for super yachts, focusing on the latest production techniques, best materials, efficiency and reliability. Boat decks get delivered to clients fully designed and prefabricated in panels and sections Made-to-Fit.

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  • Durable installation by

    Vacuum gluing

    Vacuum deck installation system is proven to guarantee the most durable and safe adhesion of the installed deck covers. Which is why DUCA Solutions specialists aim for vacuum gluing / bagging of our teak deck covers on board of the super yachts.

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  • Turn-Key

    Teak decking

    We offer a complete marine decking system for superyachts and mega yachts starting from leveling the surfaces to the final sanding of our highest quality teak decks. Following the continuous innovative development we have implemented a Turn Key decking system to make supply of Teak covers for luxury yachts even more convenient, accurate and durable.

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High precision 3D SCANNING

3D laser measurements of decks

Taking 3D measurements on board

3D measurements on yacht

High precision laser scanning

AutoCAD designs Duca Solutions

AutoCAD deck designs



Manufacturing of teak decks by CNC machine

Manufacturing of teak decks by CNC machining

CNC production of decks for superyachts

CNC production in progress

CNC produced teak deck sections

Made-to-Fit teak deck panels, ready for transport


Durable installation by VACUUM GLUING

Vacuum gluing of teak decks

Installation of decks on board by vacuum gluing system

Installation by vacuum bagging

Vacuum bagging

Vacuum pomp

Vacuum pump



Turn Key teak decking

Installation completed

High quality teak decks

Decks installed on a sailing yacht



Super yacht teak decks

Teak decks on trimarans

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