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Esthec composite decking

  • Freedom in

    Colors & Design

    Esthec composite decking is available in 13 different colors and 5 different colors for the seams. Any imaginary design and pattern can be created and brought to life using Esthec.

  • Good looks &


    Many yacht owners, crew members and designers go for Esthec when they want something different, something timeless and elegant. Something that a real teak can't offer.

  • Light weight &


    Practicity of a composte decking is another good reason to chose for Esthec. No more weight problems on board, no splipping, no algae, no splinters.

  • Long life &


    Created by Bolidt, the world leader in production and application of composite materials, Esthec deck has been designed to last.


Valid alternative to traditional teak decks

Esthec composite decking

Esthec deck

Esthec DUCA Solutions

Another color variation



CNC produced deck inlays in Esthec

Esthec composite decking

Esthec DUCA Solutions



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