Duca Solutions | Dutch carpentry for superyachts

Super Yacht carpentry

Duca Solutions | Dutch carpentry for superyachts

Teak & Esthec decking

Duca Solutions | Dutch carpentry for superyachts

Exterior deck furniture for yachts

Duca Solutions | Dutch carpentry for superyachts

Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Holland, UK

Duca Solutions | Dutch carpentry for superyachts

Quality and Innovation

Duca Solutions | Dutch carpentry for superyachts

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Innovative teak decking services



DUCA Solutions is a leading international superyacht carpentry company specialized on high quality innovative teak decking services for super yachts, including prefabrication in our factory by CNC and vacuum installation on board in Italy and all over Europe.


New build decks, deck replacement, re-caulking, sanding, refinishing, repair and refit.


DUCA Solutions marine teak decking services



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Turn-Key teak decking system

Windrose in teak deck We offer to our respective clients a complete decking system starting from leveling the surfaces prior to teak installation to the final sanding of our highest quality teak decks. All covers are fully prefabricated in our factory by CNC machine, and later installed by vacuum gluing according the highest super yacht standards.

Following the continuous innovative development we have implemented a complete Turn Key system to make supply of Teak Decking to our Customers even more convenient, accurate and durable than before.

Our Clients get to see and approve their decks even before we start the production, so that they get exactly what they want! How do we do that?

3D measurements

Our specialized Engineering department performs a complete digital deck designing, following the 3D laser measuring on board. Completed AutoCAD designs and deck layouts are sent for the Customer's approval before we start the production.

CNC production

Teak decks are fully prefabricated in sections with margins in our factory by CNC machine according the deck designs approved by the client. Decks leave our workshop fully designed and with margins cut on size - Made-to-fit.

Installation by vacuum

Teak decks get installed and glued on board of a yacht with margins by our higly specialized installation team, by vacuum gluing system. Vacuum deck installation system is proven to guarantee the most durable and safe adhesion of the installed deck covers.

3D laser measurements & design


3D laser measurements


3D measurements on yacht


Digital measuring onboard


Engineering & CNC production


AutoCAD designs Duca Solutions


Fabrication of teak decks by CNC machine


Production of decks for superyachts


CNC prefabricated teak deck panels


Teak decks in factory


CNC produced teak deck sections


Prefabricated deck sections



Teak covers panels


Prefabricated teak panels


Prefabricated teak deck panels


CNC production


Deck panels for a sailing yacht


Teak decks Made-to-fit



Installation of teak decks onboard by vacuum gluing system


Installation by vacuum


Vacuum gluing of decks


Gluing of steps of super yacht


Stairs in teak


Vacuum bagging


Installation of teak decks by vacuum pump


Vacuum pump


Completed teak deck


Windrose in teak deck



Leveling / fairing of deck surfaces


Leveling of teak decks


Fairing of deck surfaces


Leveling and fairing on superyachts




To feel the benefit, contact us now for the best technical solution on your next new build deck, replacement, refit or repairs, recaulking, sanding or any other decking need you may have all around Europe, particularly in Italy, France, Spain, Monaco, Holland, Germany, UK and other countries.